Where We Stand Out

At vHive VoIP, we know that there are a wide variety of communication options for business. But just like honeybees in a hive, the only way to tell them apart is if you are an expert in Apiology*. Where we stand out is the daily delivery of our commitment to help customers sound sophisticated, spend money wisely and benefit from reliable technology that provides amazing call quality. We do this by providing the most advanced and feature-rich virtual business phone systems and technology on the market while ensuring ease of use and minimizing maintenance. So whether you are a small business or call center, a startup or an established company, we invite you to be sophisticated, be smart and be secure with your telecommunications and join the vHive!

*Apiology is the study of honey bees.

Meet the People Who Make Us

Not departments. Not partners. Not managers. We are all part of one team, charged with finding the right solution for our clients. Do not live behind a title. Do not live behind a job description. Jump in. Go outside the lines. Share insight. Be bold. Make things uncomfortable. Lead the way. Grab the flag. Find the answer. Join the team. Out of many ideas, we create a vision that is vHiveVoip.

Meet the Bees

Darrell Murray

Darrell Murray – President & Chief

Darrell Murray is the President of vHive VoIP, a division of NETsystems Communications which was founded in 1998. A graduate from the University of Central Florida, his background includes serving as the district manager for Inacomp, as well as being CEO of an award winning construction company. Combining his love of technology with solution design, he is has provided technology solutions for hundreds of companies, non-profits and call centers.

A resident of Orlando for many years, Darrell served as Chair of the Orlando Board of Zoning Adjustment and as a member of the Board of Adjustment - Gainesville and is active in several other community roles. He believes in giving back to the community and his company has provided services to many deserving causes such as The American Red Cross- Katrina Relocation Call Center, The Ripple Effect Homeless Community Voicemail Project, Homeless Services Network, the National Association of Mental Illness, and The Zebra Project.

Ed Nuckols

Ed Nuckols – Director of Technical Services

Ed is the wizard behind the curtain who ensures vHive VoIP's technology runs smoothly. When he's not leading the team that tinkers around to develop new features and functionality to our service, he is overseeing the maintenance and upgrade of the sophisticated equipment and software that power our web and voice services.

Karen Causseaux

Karen Causseaux – Director of Customer Service

Karen brings her extensive experience of helping clients within the government and title insurance industries to vHive VoIP and her role as the director of our customer service and provisioning department. Her goal is to ensure that your phone services are setup promptly and correctly. Our resident type A, process-oriented queen bee, Karen lives, breathes, and eats efficient work flow processing so you can breathe easy knowing she is looking out for you.

John Super Ph.D

John Super Ph.D – Director of Finance & Business Advisor

John Super is the Director of Finance and Operations for vHive VoIP and has served as Marketing and IT director for a variety of companies. A former member of the Commercial Mortgage Bankers Technology Committee, he has appeared before a congressional committee on electronic loan processing in the commercial mortgage industry. John's education includes a BA from Harding University, a M.A. from UCF, a doctorate from UCF, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. His calming demeanor and insightfulness is a valued asset to our customers, staff and operations.