Our platform

The vHiveVoIP hosted and premise based platforms draws from almost 2 decades of engineering and innovation. Based on the award winning Zultys PBX system, our systems over the most flexibility available in telephony.

  1. Cloud based in our professionally managed data centers- we take care of everything
  2. Virtual system (VMware or Microsoft HyperV) housed on your servers in your location with optional failover to our data center for redundancy
  3. Hardware appliances that can grow from 50 to 2000 extensions per appliance with optional failover to our data center


vHive VoIP Cloud Phone System

Moving your business phone system to the vHive VoIP cloud is simple and straightforward. Setup is fast, and your vHive project manager will facilitate a smooth transition for all your office locations and remote workers. vHive VoIP can port over any of your existing local and toll-free phone numbers, and can also provision new numbers almost anywhere in the world.

Your account representative helps you determine how many users, IP phones, and call center and advanced feature options that your business will need. You may be able to use your existing IP phones (however some phones may not support all features...please ask your account representative for details) or you can rent or purchase IP phone from us at very affordable prices. You also can connect your desktops and smartphones to the vHive service using our free softphone and mobility software.