Call Center Calls

vHive VoIP service enables you to send and receive calls from our wide selection of industry leading handsets from Cisco, Yaelink, Polycom and GrandStream while integrating seamlessly with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android mobile devices. We also support a softphone client used in conjunction with a USB headset.

1. Callers Dial Your Company's Phone Number

  • Need a number? No problem! We'll help you select a number in your market or in markets you want to have a local presence.
  • Need more than one number? We can take care of that for you too! You can have multiple phone numbers, and use different greetings, languages or call handling options on each one.
  • Already have a phone number? You can still use it!

2. Callers Are Greeted by a Custom Auto-Attendant

  • Pick a greeting, any greeting. Typical greetings usually include menu options for dialing departments and/or individuals but if you need something more unique we'll hook you up.
  • Get them where they need to go. Direct callers to the service or department they want to reach quickly and easily.
  • Be timely! Design your greetings and system operation to update based on your business hours.
  • Just want a live person? No sweat! Assign one of your employees as a live operator.

3. vHive VoIP's Virtual PBX Manages ACD Call Routing to the Appropriate Workgroup

  • It's like having your own personal telecom army. Our worker bees use advanced queue management features such as skills based routing and priority queuing to route calls quickly and efficiently to the selected person or department.
  • Queue Call Back provides the ultimate customer service by offering callers the option of queue call-back without losing their place in line. And calls that are abandoned in queue can generate an auto call-back to the first available agent, to make sure you don't miss any opportunities.
  • Work smarter not harder. Multiple Call Waiting and Place in Queue reduce voicemail tag and improve efficiency for you agents.
  • ICall. Simply load the list of calls to be made and let the system do the rest! It will dial the prospect and can deliver the appropriate message, reminder via our text to speech module, or transfer them to a live agent for personalized service.
  • Call and Screen Recording. Ensure that your company message is being delivered properly and that your agents are maximizing the customer experience. You can listen to the audio call, and see the agent screen to identify training issues, system obstacles or profit opportunities. And the evaluation system will let you score the call for training and education purposes.
  • Multimedia Contact Center. Todays customers use phone, email, chat and text to interact. Our contact center lets you handle all these communications methods effortlessly to your workgroups, and provides real time reporting and reader board statistics.

4. Employees Can Work Anywhere and Still Be connected and Accountable

  • Be connected without being in the office. Calls can route to a mobile phone, softphone, VoIP handset or even a home phone all at the same time. And agent monitoring and reporting will occur just as if they were in the office next door.
  • Unified Communications voice and fax messages are delivered as email attachments. Agents can fax from their desktop using the client software.

5. Administrators and Supervisors Can Manage Like Never Before

  • Be Big Brother... in a good way. Supervisors can remotely or on-site monitor center activity. And with our Visor software, they can listen-in on workgroup calls, transfer calls to agents or voicemail, configure settings like call forwarding and view or manage the workgroup queue.
  • More stats than a baseball announcer. Detailed reports show a multitude of tracking metrics and statistics that can be regularly emailed to the appropriate management. Plus you can customize the formats, fields and even add your own formulas to report on the data that is important to your business.
  • Their opinion is important to you. Transfer customer calls to a real time customer survey system to track how your company is doing. Our Survey and Audio Builder tools quickly and easily create surveys and audio prompts through an easy to use interface while the optional Style Editor helps you customize the look of your survey on the web.

6. Use Our Multimedia Options to Add Even More Functionality

  • You're so popular! Manage and edit your contacts in a safe and secure system. Then send time-sensitive marketing campaigns via SMS text to drive sales or send alerts, notifications and reminders all within minutes!
  • You ought to be in pictures. Offer your customers an IP-based video service with high-quality video streaming and secure video conference with embedded encryption or use our optional video teleconferencing support on smartphones for connecting agents and callers visually.