Small Business Calls

vHive VoIP service enables you to make and receive calls from our wide selection of industry leading handsets from Zultys, Cisco, Yaelink, Polycom and Grandstream while integrating seamlessly with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android mobile devices.

1. Callers Dial Your Company's Phone Number

  • Need a number? No problem! We'll help you select a number in your market or in markets you want to have a local presence.
  • Need more than one number? We can take care of that for you too! You can have multiple phone numbers, and use different greetings, languages or call handling options on each one.
  • Already have a phone number? You can still use it! We can port any number to our system including toll-free.

2. Callers Are Greeted by a Custom Auto-Attendant or Live Answer

  • Pick a greeting, any greeting. Typical greetings usually include menu options for dialing departments and/or individuals but if you need something more unique we'll hook you up.
  • Get them where they need to go. Direct callers to the service or department they want to reach quickly and easily.
  • Be timely! Design your greetings and system operation to update based on your business hours.
  • Just want a live person? No sweat! Assign one of your employees as a live operator.

3. vHive VoIP's Virtual PBX Manages ACD Call Routing to the Appropriate Workgroup

  • It's like having your own personal telecom army. Our worker bees use advanced queue management features such as skills based routing and priority queuing to route calls quickly and efficiently to the selected person or department.
  • Work smarter not harder. Multiple Call Waiting and Place in Queue reduces voicemail tag and improve efficiency.

4. Employees Can Work Anywhere and Still Be Connected

  • Be connected without being in the office. Calls can route to a Mobile phone, Softphone, VoIP handset or even a home phone all at the same time.
  • More than just a voice mailbox. Voice and fax messages are available online or as email attachments.